We have been weaving ideas since 1944

Our products reflect our values.


Tradition and culture

A selection of raw materials with attention to the smallest details. Precious fibers such as wool, alpaca, mohair and cashmere selected by Bisentino with the best breeders in the world to offer a wide range of plain and patterned products that highlight the technical, tactile and visual properties of the material itself.


Research and freshness

Result of continuous experimentation and an original reworking of the latest trends. The contemporary side of fashion is summarized within this collection, with a great deal of attention to recycled fibers and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified products.


Lightness and character

Collection of light fabrics, mainly for women’s dresses, designed for all seasons, the result of a continuous evolution of the Bisentino offer for its customers.


Tecnologia e innovazione

Nata con l’integrazione di un team strepitoso, BiTT offre alla clientela Bisentino una nuova gamma di prodotti con performance tecniche all’avanguardia, applicate su fibre sia tradizionali che innovative.